As Mike Seeklander says, "The fight is coming.  Be ready."  It's true.  Survival challenges lie in wait, somewhere in your future and mine.  They may be a gunfight, a fist fight, disease, unemployment, natural disaster, or accident.  Assess the threats to your life and longevity realistically.  Spend your time and resources judiciously and proportionally as you prepare.

A friend was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  For him, the fight is now.

It was a surprise, with no occurrences in his family, no clues in his genetics, and was only caught because he's the kind of guy that dutifully gets a physical every year.  Right now he's suffering from the severe fatigue and weakness of chemotherapy.  However, his nurses say he's fairing better than most they've seen.  The last time we met for lunch, we were talking about his interest in chess boxing.  That is, he's incredibly smart, hardworking, and has taken good care of himself physically.  He's also taken great care of his friends through the years.  Now that he needs his friends' support, it's easy (and amazing) to see how much everyone loves, supports, and admires him.  That's as much preparation as anyone can do for his fight.